Hurricane Earl Makes Landfall Near Belize City; Hurricane Warnings for Honduran Bay Islands, Mexico’s Southern Yucatan, Inland Flash Flood Threat for Guatemala, Mexico


Belize City, reports that Tropical Storm Earl is now a Category 1 Hurricane and Heavy rain and strong winds pounded parts of Northern Honduras as this Hurricane traveled westward across the Caribbean Coast of Central America.

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Winds reached 58 miles per hour for a few hours overnight at Phillip Goldston International Airport west of Belize City as the eye of Hurricane Earl passed just to the south of the Airport around 2 a.m. EDT.

Hurricane Earl is the first hurricane to reach land in Belize since Ernesto hit land on August 7th 2012.

As Hurricane Earl traveled through the Caribbean, many shaken souls were left in its wake.  Here is video of Hurricane Earl as seen from West Bay Roatan as it skims Caribbean island on its way to Belize.

Warnings for Hurricanes continue for the coast of Belize northward up to Puerto Costa, Mexico.  Belize City, and Chetumal, Mexico are included in these warnings.  Warnings of Tropical storms extend northward to Punta Allen in Mexico.  Cancun and / or Cozumel are not included in these particular Tropical storm warnings. has residents of the affected areas in our thoughts.  Hopefully the damage caused by Hurricane Earl is minimal and there are no casualties.  Please comment below with any thoughts or reports on areas affected by Hurricane Earl.

Storm clouds reach Belize. Photo by Francis Harris.

Storm clouds reach Belize. Hurricane Earl is on the way.   Photo by Francis Harris.



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